MCAS Miramar Air Show 2019

Made my first visit to The Miramar air show with some of you today. Wow! The 3-day air fest in San Diego has been held annually since 1953.

One word describes it…. UNBELIEVABLE! Be sure to add it to your bucket list – it’s unforgettable when the Blue Angels pilots fly over your head at it near mach speed!

Here are a few of my favorite snaps from today.


Flat Track by BSA

Growing up in Long Beach in the 1960s,  Flat Track racing meant taking a trip to Ascot Park in nearby Gardena and watching the greats of the day under the lights, hypnotized by the speeds, the roar of the engines, and the sweet smell of racing fuel.

Far from the Southern California beaches is #46g, currently on display at the Hill Country Motorheads Vintage Motorcycle Museum in Burnet, Texas.  It’s a terrific museum with a great selection of motorcycles  from across the generations, but especially rich in 60s dirt bikes.