When I was about ten years old, my stepmom Leah turned to me one day and said, “Little Danny, you don’t have a good enough memory to be a successful liar. Storytelling might be a better choice.” Of course, it took me many years to understand how truly right and smart she really was.

Fast forward to today, I’ve been known as the marketing guy helping talented creative teams and thought leaders develop campaigns for some of America’s most successful companies and brands. Off the clock and in my spare time, I like to unwind by making pictures that resonate.

Whether staying on the ground with a camera, or taking it to the skies with cinema drones, my favorite photography subjects generally include fast shiny things, interesting people, amazing places, and architecture.

Occasionally, I’ll share my favorite images here and on social media that have meaning to me.

For more information or just to catch up, call my office at (512) 887-8435.