Born in Manhattan and raised in Southern California, Dan Stiel’s business career spans more than 40 years in marketing leadership roles, delivering high-performance results for some of America’s most successful companies and brands.

Dan enjoys taking pictures as a hobby in his spare time. Always open to new ideas, his favorite photography subjects at the moment include automotive, architecture, action sports, landscapes, and travel. Inspiring photographers include Peter Lindberg, Julius Shulman, Albert Watson, Annie Leibovitz, Tyler Shields, Art Streiber, to name just a few.

Recent adventures have included photographing several of the world’s most important automobile collections, action sports events, a photo safari across the southwestern United States, and an on-going passion for documenting iconic commercial and residential architectural masterpieces.

A graduate of the University of Southern California’s School of Business, Dan continues to work with, and learn from, many exceptionally innovative thought-leaders and creative teams on game-changing new product launches, branding campaigns, and national marketing initiatives, as well as on-going support for the arts, arts education, and environmental causes through a number of efforts.