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Flashback to the legends of Kustom Kulture

Had a flashback to the golden age of California custom cars at the Dr. George Car Show today.

This is the incredibly awesome #Atomitron, which started life as a 1949 Studebaker pickup until John Saltsman dug deep into the ’50s and ’60s hot rod kustom kulture with the help/inspiration of some of the great SoCal legends of hot rodders.

A few talents behind the Automitron include headlights by George Barris, tail lights by Gene Winfield, paint formula by Larry Watson, interior by Crazy Kiwi Kustoms. List list goes on…

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1915 Hispano Suiza Hot Rod


The formula for a 140+ mph hot rod is simple… find a high-torque 18.5 liter Hispano Suiza airplane engine from 1915, attach a 1919 Delage bus gearbox before mounting it into a lightweight 1915 Hispano Suiza chassis that’s fitted with an Albion garbage truck rear-end, then stopped by mechanical chain drum brakes.

Another favorite from Jay’s collection that I was fortunate to photograph recently.


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Rock the Ride at Big Rock

The Fourth Annual Rock the Ride at Big Rock Golf and Pub was held in La Quinta on this sunny Southern California afternoon to help kick-off activities leading up to the Palm Springs Cruisin’ Association’s 18th Annual Dr. George Charity Car Show at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden in the Coachella Valley.

Dr. George’s Car Show will be held on Saturday, February 8, 2020 and has become the largest one day car show on the West Coast. All proceeds benefit Desert Cancer Foundation.

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1934 Ford Pierson Bros. Coupe


On display at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles is Bruce Meyer’s spectacular 1934 Ford Pierson Brothers Coupe.

Pete Chapouris restored it to its original 1950 “Edelbrock Special” livery, the year it topped 153 mph on El Mirage dry lake bed (the car had been heavily modified in the late 1980s and sped past 227 mph at Bonneville in 1991).

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1933 Ford Speed 33 Keystone Coupe by Chip Foose


I had an opportunity to photograph Ron Bown’s stunning 1933 Ford Speed 33 Keystone Coupe, built by legendary hot rod designer Chip Foose and Marcel DeLay, at the Petersen Automotive Museum’s private in-house studio.

The Petersen automotive Museum is in Los Angeles and a must-see indulgence for everyone who loves automobiles.

Photographed with the Canon EOS-R and Tamron 24-70 f/2.8 lens.