It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood.


Palm Springs Art Museum Architecture and Design Center (1961). Palm Springs, California.  Designed by architect E. Stewart Williams.

Considered to be in the classic Desert Modern or mid-century International style, the 13,000 square foot building originally served as a branch of Santa Fe Federal Savings & Loan.

Unsettled: the New Frontier


Close-up of artwork from the current Palm Springs Art Museum exhibition, Unsettled: Art on the New Frontier.

a sweeping presentation of contemporary art by more than 75 artists living or working in the Greater West, the exhibition features works by Ed Ruscha, Gerard Murillo, Sonia Falcone, Ana Teresa Fernández, Da-ka-xeen Mehner, Edgar Arceneaux, Andrea Zittel, Nicholas Galanin, Georgia O’Keeffe, Agnes Pelton, and many other artists.

Odd Couple.


American sculptor, Duane Hanson (1925-1996), is known for his hyper-realistic depictions of ordinary people. “Old Couple on Bench,” 1995; part of Palm Springs Art Museum’s permanent collection.