Fireworks on a windy desert evening.

4th of July Fireworks came early last night at the Fantasy Springs Resort near Palm Springs.

The wind was blowing hard across the Coachella Valley when the fireworks show started, so I thought the photos were going to be trash. Much to my surprise, the wind really made for some amazing fireworks shots! This is one of my favs.

Kudos to @fantasysprings and staff for hosting the show.


San Diego Flower Fireworks Spectacular

Since almost all of the annual 4th of July Fireworks extravaganzas have been cancelled in the San Diego area this year, I hope you’ll enjoy our first annual Safe & Sane “Flower Fireworks Spectacular.”

Enjoy some of our favorite photographs of the most famous, most colorful flowers from across San Diego County that if you squint real hard, look like real fireworks! Our Flower Fireworks Spectacular includes appearances from the flowers of the San Diego Zoo, Balboa Park, and The Flower Fields, plus guest appearances from flowers in our neighbors’ gardens in our San Diego neighborhood.

Happy 4th of July!