Fireworks on a windy desert evening.

4th of July Fireworks came early last night at the Fantasy Springs Resort near Palm Springs.

The wind was blowing hard across the Coachella Valley when the fireworks show started, so I thought the photos were going to be trash. Much to my surprise, the wind really made for some amazing fireworks shots! This is one of my favs.

Kudos to @fantasysprings and staff for hosting the show.


Desert X 2021: “What Lies Behind the Walls” by Zahrah Alghamdi

Zahrah Alghamdi’s monolithic wall is comprised of stacked forms impregnated with cements, soils, and dyes specific to the California Desert region.

She expresses a highly individualized language corresponding to feelings, cultural identity, memory, loss and emotions associated with this place and time.

Her laborious and meticulous process involves assembling particles of earth, clay, rocks, leather, and water to draw on the notion of “embodied memory.”