Our visit to Mesa Verde National Park

We made a visit to Mesa Verde National Park near Durango, Colorado last spring. Here are a few photos of this incredible archive of early American inhabitants who called these canyons home over 1400 years ago.


Sun Point View at Colorado’s Mesa Verde National Park view provides an incredible overlook. Without the park guests in the foreground, it’s impossible to comprehend the incredible scale and grandeur of the cliff house dwellings several miles away across the steep canyon.

The massive Cliff Palace is the largest cliff dwelling in North America. But without people to put it in scale, it really looks like a miniature model.
Look closely and you can spot the park rangers conducting an inspection of this smaller cliff dwelling. Can you imagine calling this your home over a thousand years ago?

I hope you’ll have an opportunity to visit Mesa Verde National Park someday.



Christmas Eve at Red Rock Canyon



Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area just outside Las Vegas is my favorite Las Vegas-area destination. We stopped by on Wednesday afternoon of Christmas Eve for a quick drive around the 13-mile long scenic loop, when I captured this view from one of my favorite vista points.

A snow storm closed the entire 13-mile scenic drive loop the following day.

Best of 2019 – A day at the beach.


It’s October and another warm and sunny summer-like day in Southern California, where larger-than-normal crowds are expected at the beach.

Photographed on October 5, 2019 from the Huntington Beach Pier looking south towards Newport Beach.


Indigenous Inhabitants


One of my favorite places to spend the holidays is Newport Beach, where I love to study and photograph the “brutalist” architecture of Newport Center.

In 1967, artist Tom Van Sant created a series he called “Indigenous Inhabitants” that captured the region’s wildlife (mostly extinct now) in concrete using a technique called Intaglios – Italian for incised carving.

His work was commissioned by Architects William Pereira and Welton Becket.