Godspeed, Ken Block.

The first time I met motorsports legend, DC Shoes and Hoonigan founder Ken Block was in the pits at the ARX Rallycross at Circuit of the Americas on July 14, 2018. I took this photograph of Ken as he studied his performance statistics driving his Ford Focus RS RX while between practice sessions.

Honestly, I didn’t know who Ken Block was when I snapped this picture, but this photo definitely changed the trajectory of my interest and passion for motorsports, car culture and especially automotive photography.

After getting home later that day, I googled Ken’s name just to learn who he was, and to put context into this picture.

This photo introduced me to Ken’s amazing successes on and off the track, the automotive photography of Larry Chen, and in the spirit of the “butterfly effect,” led into many subsequent opportunities for me to meet and photograph some of the most amazing automobiles and car craft personalities.

In addition to being one of the most amazing drivers and competitors I’ve ever met, Ken Block had an infectious laugh, exuded an overwhelming competitively positive attitude, and was generous with his time with the fans every time I saw him at SEMA or at the track, or watched his unbelievable rally team successes, Gymkhana videos, Hoonigan endeavors, and so much more.

All the condolences to his family, friends, millions of fans, and business associates. He’ll be missed but not forgotten.

Godspeed, Ken Block.