Surfing The Wedge. Newport Beach

One of the most legendary of surf spots is certainly the Wedge in Newport Beach, California. The waves are also favorites with some of the world’s top bodyboarding and bodysurfing athletes.

During the summer (May – October), the City of Newport Beach generally restricts the use of “hard boards” at the Wedge from 10 am to 5 pm, but usually allows soft boards for the safety of body surfers and swimmers. The infamous “blackball” flag is flown by lifeguards when the restrictions are in place.

While surfing has been a popular sport in Newport Beach since the 1900s, the Wedge’s unique shore-breaking waves are formed with the help of the rock jetty created in 1936 as the entrance into Newport Harbor. When conditions are just right, especially during a south or south/southwest swell, The Wedge can occasionally produce monster waves up to 30 feet tall.