Photography, surfing

Flashback to Austin’s NLand Surf Park.

Gone but not forgotten.

It’s over 350 miles and a six hour drive from Austin to Padre Island,  considered by most to be one of the best places to surf in Texas.

For a few short summers, Austin locals could hit the artificial waves at the NLand Surf Park. But in December 2018 it closed for the winter and the World Surf League bought the property.  I couldn’t find any current updates, but all indications show the new owners (Kelly Slater) are moving ahead with plans to retrofit the facility with the latest wizz-bang wave machines.

Snaps were taken on a visit August 8, 2018. Kids learning to surf. Snack bar. Dudes catching waves. It was a cool place to surf, assuming you lived in Central Texas and didn’t have time for a twelve-hour round trip drive to Padre Island.