X-Park La Quinta by Spohn Ranch

What a treat to spend some quality time with the skate legends of today and tomorrow (and regular folks who skate, BMX, rollerblade, and ride some other stuff) this week for the official grand opening of the spanking-new X-Park La Quinta – California’s awesome competition-caliber Skate Park from the folks over at Spohn Ranch.

Here’s a few photos of the place – it’s going to be big! Well done everyone who made it happen!


Canon A-1, my newest camera.

Canon A-1 Camera and lenses – circa 1980

Here’s a snap of my newest camera, a beautiful 42 year-old Canon A-1. The camera was made in 1980 and literally looks and works like new.

…Sometimes you need to go backwards to go forward.

P.S. The photo was made with the Canon R5 and edited in DxO’s Nik Silver Efx.


Photographing Luke Combs in Concert Las Vegas

Photographed @LukeCombs and the band last night in Las Vegas as part of the #ShootFromThePit crew.

Here are just a couple of my favorite photographs captured during last night’s concert. A very special thanks to Luke, everyone in the band, and the crew for a truly amazing experience, especially to an amazing master and teacher of concert photography, @davidbergman.


“Ruthie” – the Koenigsegg Agera RS

What an incredible treat to photograph one of the world’s most legendary automobiles, known simply as “Ruthie @277.9mph” – the Koenigsegg Agera RS – under the big Chimera lightbox at Ancillary Studios, thanks to the generous hospitality of Tim Cadiente and the folks at FujiFilm, Samy’s Camera, and Broncolor. This very automobile holds several world’s records including reaching a top speed of 277.9mph.

Ruthie’s beautiful wrap was created by artist James Jean based on one of his paintings, “Pomegranate” to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Festival of Children Foundation.

It was my first chance to handle FujiFilm’s GFX large format digital camera with its massive 43.8mm × 32.9mm sensor. It is most impressive, to be sure.


A new kind of Polaroid Camera – from 1961

The Polaroid Land Camera model P66 with a built-in flash was offered from 1961 until 1963. This example has been in our family since 1961 – sixty years next month – when it was a gift from my stepmom’s family to ours for Christmas.

Occasionally, I was given permission to make a photograph using this very camera. Those first photos are long gone, but it introduced me to the joys of making pictures – and the photo that magically appeared just seconds from pressing the shutter.

Old timers will remember the print coater stick soaked with a mystery sweet-smelling chemical that needed to be wiped across the newly developed photograph to preserve it. A cartridge with a dried-out coating stick was still in the leather case, as well as a few unspent flash bulbs, all shown above.

Somehow the camera, which sold for about $90 (almost $700 in today’s dollars) has survived countless moves and garage sales and emerged from a dusty box hidden towards the back of the workshop earlier this week. The image was created as a faux advertisement for a photography class assignment I’m tackling this semester.

P.S., the family photographs shown as “props” of this faux advertisement were made in the late 1950s and early 1960s – but not taken with this camera – they are likely from a Kodak camera. The subjects include my sister, brother, and me.


Photography Lighting with a Gnome.

This week’s photography lighting study assignment is now complete. Can you identify which is “Paramount (or Butterfly)” lighting, “Split (sometimes called Hollywood)” lighting, and “Rembrandt” lighting.

Our subject for this week’s assignment is Kartell’s “Attila” whimsical gnome designed by Philippe Starck.


Rhino Savanna arrives in Southern California!

Made a stop at The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens in Southern California today for a peek at the new Rhino Savanna!

Set to debut this Friday to the public, the new four-acre habitat is an incredible new home for Jaali and Nia, a pair of African black rhinos and twelve other species of animals. Here’s Jaali chomping on a pumpkin while prancing around his new home.