Joining “The Circus” at the F1 United States Grand Prix

IMG_6145I had an opportunity to spend this very rain-soaked past week behind the scenes at the F1 United States Grand Prix in Austin, Texas where I found myself quite impressed – and picking up more than a few tips – at the ability of the organizing body and venue to coordinate the set-up and execution of this international mega-event.

The USGP was attended by over 150,000 sometimes mud-soaked spectators and viewed by an early estimated worldwide media audience of approximately 3 million people. Even before the checkered flag flew, the F1 organizers began disassembling the entire “circus” for the 1200 kilometer flight to Mexico City for next weekend’s championship-deciding #F1 race.

As my iPhone snapshot shows, within an hour, the Circuit of the Americas paddock was transformed from a race track to a massive logistics staging area.


’twas a wicked and evil machine straight from the depths of hell….


Here’s a vintage snap of my “mint condition” 1970 Kawasaki H1 Mach III 500 triple. Some of you had the same bike back in the day when 2-strokes ruled the road!

I sold the 500 a few years ago because the original CDI ignition would occasionally short, giving me a friggin’ electric shock that nearly tossed me off the bike while riding it! Snap was taken in 2000 while parked in front of my house in Scottsdale.