Over Hill, Over Dale.


Over hill, over dale. As we hit the dusty trail, And those caissons go rolling along.


Joining “The Circus” at the F1 United States Grand Prix

IMG_6145I had an opportunity to spend this very rain-soaked past week behind the scenes at the F1 United States Grand Prix in Austin, Texas where I found myself quite impressed – and picking up more than a few tips – at the ability of the organizing body and venue to coordinate the set-up and execution of this international mega-event.

The USGP was attended by over 150,000 sometimes mud-soaked spectators and viewed by an early estimated worldwide media audience of approximately 3 million people. Even before the checkered flag flew, the F1 organizers began disassembling the entire “circus” for the 1200 kilometer flight to Mexico City for next weekend’s championship-deciding #F1 race.

As my iPhone snapshot shows, within an hour, the Circuit of the Americas paddock was transformed from a race track to a massive logistics staging area.