After 45 years in marketing roles (www.linkedin.com/in/stiel) with some of America’s top companies and brands, I traded my spreadsheets and PowerPoint decks in 2019 for cameras, a few lenses, and a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud.

Favorite subjects

Visiting the Douglas C-124C Globemaster II at Arizona’s Pima Air & Space Museum in 2018.

I’m an opportunistic photographer interested in a wide range of subjects.

I capture stories of people, places, and things I find interesting along the path of life, want to remember, share and learn more about. It’s really that simple.

My favorites are always willing ones – cars, animals, architecture, machines, landscapes, sunsets, art, furniture, wildlife, random objects, and just about anything that I see along the path that can be photographed without a lot of drama. Adding a story to the picture is half the fun.

Thanks for visiting.

Daniel Stiel

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